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Buy AK 47 Strain Online Don’t judge this strain by its name AK 47 is a mild product which will leave

Alien OG

Authentic Alien OG for Sale The birthplace of Alien OG is California, that alone will make you want to try

Blue Cheese

Buy Blue Cheese Online Blue cheese is the finest India ruling hybrid that has an unforgettable taste and well-balanced high.

Gorilla Glue

Buy Gorilla Glue Strains Online This famous strain is one of the most talked hybrids in the marijuana industry due

Gorilla Glue #4

Buy Gorilla Glue #4 Online Developed by GG strains, this greenish-yellow colored variant is a potent hybrid and has won multiple

Grape Crush

Buy Grape Crush Online Grape Crush (or Grape Krush) is a hybrid strain of Indica and Sativa combinations derived from

Grape God

Buy Grape God Online This Indica dominant hybrid is a combination of God Bud (Indica) and Grapefruit Genetics (Sativa). The

Jack Frost

Buy Jack Frost Online This potent hybrid is a cross between Jack Herer (Sativa strain), White Widow(hybrid), and Northern Lights #5(Indica).

Kandy Kush (Reserva Privada)

Buy Kandy Kush Online Kandy Kush is mostly a type of India strain it can be cultivated indoors and can

Pineapple Express

Buy Pineapple Express Online Pineapple express is the product of marijuana family  this was once so famous in Netherlands this tropical bud

Purple Dream

Buy Purple Dream Online Being the progeny of two legendary strains Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream, Purple Dream is loved

Skywalker Kush

Buy Skywalker Kush Online Skywalker Kush is a very famous Indica strain and offers greater yield when compared to OG