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Amnesia Haze

Buy Amnesia Haze Online Amnesia Haze is a strain that as its name personifies haze, creates haze in the mind. Well,

Black Mamba

Buy Black Mamba Online Black Mamba is an Indica dominant hybrid strain that offers a lot of medical benefits to

Green Dragon

Buy Green Dragon Online The green dragon is the pure Indica having much of soothing effects. The genetic roots of

Infinity Kush

Buy Infinity Kush Online Infinity Kush is a well-balanced hybrid of Indica and Sativa strain has an average THC value

King Kong Kush

Buy King Kong Kush Online This is such an Indica strain which has multi-dimensional effects on the body. It overwhelms the

LA Confidential

Buy LA Confidential Online LA Confidential having most euphoric effects is the most widely spread strain all around the globe. LA

Master Bubba Kush

Buy Master Bubba Kush Online In this very tough routine of life, where one is busy the whole day long


Buy Moonrock Online Moonrock is natural cannabis. It is a weed that possesses many psychedelic effects. It possesses acrid smoke

Northern Lights Strain

Buy Northern Lights Strain Online Northern Lights, a pure Indica strain is one of the premiere Indica strain and considered

OG Kush

Buy OG Kush Online OG Kush, originated from Northern California, has a unique fragrance and powerful effects. We can’t compare

Purple Kush

Buy Purple Kush Online Purple Kush is no doubt a purest Indica strain which has countless benefits for human. If

Purple Punch

Buy Purple Punch Online Purple Punch is the most widely used Indica strain over the globe now and quite a mysterious